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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tech Talk:

From time to time, flotsam and jetsam get mentioned on our internal forums - things which are interesting, but are either too short or too unrelated to networking to really make them into full posts in their own right. We're gathering some of them here.

Cisco Systems sues Apple over iPhone

David Jordan:

Apple has got to be the stupidest company in the world when it comes to trademark issues. Starting with their name which is a deliberate infringement on the name of the Beatles' record company. They bought their way out of that one with a gargantuan check and a promise to never produce a product that had anything to do with music. So whenever they actually do produce a product that has anything to do with music (think iPod), they get their pants sued off of them again and again. And rather than seeking a license agreement ahead of time, they just put the various products out and hope that Apple Records somehow doesn't notice. Like anyone was going to miss the iPod. So of course they end up paying much more after the fact than they would have with the upfront license.

They seem to be getting with the program a little bit here, in that they actually did attempt to license the iPhone name from Cisco, but reverted to their usual behavior by going ahead with it anyway after failing to reach the agreement. I suspect that they will again end up paying more now than they would have had they just accepted whatever Cisco was asking for. Unless their product bombs.

Dan Street:

Do you think that Apple would sue me for creating a new infant training chair called: iPoddy?

Lance Brown:

The iToilet people might have an issue with it. Do a search and I'm sure you will find it.

Brian Boyko:


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